Open design is the development of products through the use of publicly shared design information.

We bring this open idea radically further and, through a DIY philosophy, encourage the user to be autonomous, not depending on a centralized manufacturing system, reducing the number of processes, avoiding complex fixing, making them easy to disassemble and repair, using local materials, resources and knowledge.

We call this OpenDesign+DIY.

Our workshops gets OpenDesign+DIY into practice. The proposal is to design products for download. So simple and easy to build that the user, who will download the design information from this website, could buy local materials and build them locally or with local makers.

After 8 years, the project has grown and now includes more than 200 products from Chinese and Spanish students and, since they are open, we share our designs and invite you to download, make, improve or modify any of them. And we would be happy if you tell us and give us credit.


Download OpenDesign and all of its products are licensed by a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license (CC BY-SA 4.0) that defines certain rights for the general public and results in free content.

The project and our work is subject to the rights module "Attribution" (BY). You are free to share, copy, adapt, remix, distribute and further develop our products, also in a commercial way. But the names of the designers and the project must be stated in any consecutive publication. If "person x", for instance, develops this piece, the attribution could be described as follows:

CC BY "person x", as an adaptation of "product x" BY "designers x".

The project and our work is also subject to the rights module "Share Alike" (SA). If you alter, transform or build upon any of our products, you may distribute the resulting work only under the same, a similar or a compatible license. Here is an example for the use of the license:

CC BY-SA "person x", as an adaptation of "product x" BY "designers x".


Download OpenDesign is an international collaborative project between design schools in China and Spain: the Guangdong University of Technology (Guangzhou, China), the Esdir Rioja (Logroño, Spain), the Easd Castelló (Castelló, Spain) and the Esdap Catalunya (Barcelona, Spain). We propose a community to grow open design as a strategy to achieve a society that moves towards sustainability, through a degrow in its production and consumption system. Together with the idea of open education and the need to expand this project and promote changes in the field of design education, we form a Community for Open Design, Open Up!, a new participative space to share, not only the results of our workshops, but also experiences, publications, references, articles, our teaching materials, and more.

You can contact us by e-mail.